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Truffle Arancini.

Mushroom, black truffle, white wine sugo, topped with Bootlegs ricotta, basil 22 (gfo)


Bootleg Bruschetta.

House-made focaccia, confit tomatoes & garlic, EVOO, basil 19 (gfo)


Dough Balls.

Clouds of doughy love, house-made garlic butter 13


Zucchini Flowers.

Filled with Bootlegs ricotta, house-made honey, shaved macadamia, edible flowers 24* (gfo)

Extra flower 8


Polpette al Sugo.

House-made herbed meatballs, our 6-hour sugo, parmesan & focaccia 24


Roasted Peppers.

House roasted peppers, EVOO, pistachios 15* (gf)



Baked daily, rosemary, sea salt 11 (gfo)

add sugo (highly recommended) 9



Cherry truss tomatoes, thyme, EVOO 12 (gf)


Polenta Fries.

Rosemary polenta fries, truffle aioli 16 (gfo)


Olives. 9 (gf)



We make all our pastas in house daily.


Our pasta is cooked perfectly Al Dente.


Cacio e Pepe.

A classic from Rome, creamy, peppery, goodness, on bucatini, finished with parmesan & pepper 30 (gfo)


Pasta ai Funghi.

Wild mushroom, garlic, cream, fresh parsley, splash or white wine, reginette 30 (gfo)



'Lady of the night' Black olives, capers, garlic, a pinch of chilli, fresh parsley, fettuccine 31 (gfo)



Zesty fresh green pesto, garden peas, toasted pine nuts, EVOO, house-made parmesan, casarecce 29 (gfo)


Bootlegs Famous Vodka Rigatoni.

This needs no introduction (I'd happily bathe in this)

“Hello Hot Stuff” chilli & parmesan 30 (gfo)


*Contains nuts.

We do have gluten free options and offer gluten free pasta. But please be advised gluten is prepared in our kitchen and as such we cannot ensure cross contamination will never occur.



Chat Potato.

Twice cooked, garlic butter, rosemary, sea salt 15 (gf)


Caesar Salad.

Crisp Romaine lettuce, house-made tangy Caesar dressing, crunchy focaccia croutons, EVOO, house-made parmesan 17


Orange & Fennel.

Radicchio, fennel, orange, hazelnuts, citrus vinaigrette 17* (gf)


Rocket & Pear Salad.

Rocket, pear, aged balsamic, parmesan 15 (gf)



Pan seared garlic, lemon, EVOO 15 (gf)


Brussel Sprouts.

Pan fried, chilli & balsamic glaze, parmesan 15* (gf)







You know you want to eat me... 17

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